UPDATE 6/28/2013
Our dear friend Erik passed away Friday. I don't know how to tell you what a great friend Erik was to so many of us. I know there are many people right now hurting, because Erik was such a bright light in our lives. Erik was the friend we all knew would do anything for us, and we would do anything for him. He didn’t mind helping you if you needed it.
It’s hard to think that we are not going to get to see him anymore. While we miss him here we know that he is now in a better place looking down at all of us and hopefully smiling over us. Let’s celebrate his life by trying to take time to smell the roses and live in the moment. I know he will be along for the ride in our hearts.

In 2008, Erik Burgess was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The cancer had spread to his abdomen and the tumor was the size of a grapefruit. For the next several years he spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital. He endured 8 months of chemotherapy and a major surgery that left him physically challenged with only one kidney. However, he did not let this knock him down. He kept his self – employed business going, cleaned up his life, and his health. He started going to church, put his faith in God, and kept on going. In this same time, Erik’s mother and stepfather (who are now his primary caregivers), also experienced life changing medical issues.

    About 3 months ago, Erik was experiencing excessive pain, having trouble breathing, and his legs were swelling. He went to the doctor on Easter Sunday and was admitted to the hospital that same day. Erik has been in the hospital since that date, except for a brief period days he was able to go home. In entering into the hospital he was diagnosed with renal (kidney) failure, meaning his kidney is failing to sufficiently filter waste from his blood. He has also been diagnosed with an infection in his lungs that has been a bit of a mystery and some A1 deficiencies (these basically make your body’s cells attack themselves).

    As a small business owner, he has not been able to afford health insurance coverage which, as can be expected, has produced great financial burdens. Erik is not one to ask for help. Since we all now know what’s going on, we can no longer wait. We are going to "Bring It”! If you are on this site, you are part of the cavalry we are calling upon to pray for his recovery and help in any way possible. Click here to DONATE and for an addition list of things you can do to help.